Walking to Fitness

Vigorous walking is a wonderful form of exercise and it is something almost everyone knows how to do. No equipment is required and the risk of injury is very low and it is not hard on the joints. Walking for fitness and weight loss is an activity you can do anywhere. It enhances health and improves the quality of life and longevity. Some of the many benefits include: muscle strengthening and improved circulation, building up the immune system and improving the ability to break down harmful stress hormone and fats in the blood. Research suggests that the risk of type 2 diabetes can be reduced by as much as 60 percent. The many benefits of walking There are so many advantages to having a brisk walk, and developing this in your routine, here just some of them: Walking regularly makes your heart stronger and can also reduce the likelihood of stroke and heart disease. It increases levels of HDL (the good cholesterol) and lowers the levels of LDL (bad). Exercise we know boosts your mood

Should I eat before or after a workout?

Generally, when preparing for a work out depending on its intensity, carbs are what you need along with protein. Whether it is a full on work out in the gym, a five mile hike, an hour’s yoga session or a swim, you want carbohydrates to give you a slow and steady energy release. It is said the best thing to do is eat a meal high in carbs, a good amount of protein and low in fat, no later than three hours before your exercise or a snack up to 45 minutes before. The wonderful thing about carbohydrates is they contribute to glycogen in the body which is needed for storing energy. Hence, the time you eat, the quantity and content of the food you eat is important before a work out as well as afterwards. Favorite snacks before a work out One of my favorite pre-work out snacks is peanut or almond butter, on high fiber low sugar (less than 3 grams per slice) toast and banana. This is perfect in the sense it is quick and easy to make, and it provides a mix of simple and complex carbohydrates